Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems: "blue lectures"
Translation Surfaces and Dynamics: "red lectures"

Monday, 23.11.2015

09:00-09:50Opening lecture: Weiss
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-12:10Downarowicz 11:30-12:20Lelievre (cancelled)
15:00-15:40Kwiatkowski 15:00-15:40Tiedra
15:50-16:30Gutman 15:50-16:30Roy
16:30-17:00coffee break
17:00-17:40Karpel 17:00-17:40Vinogradov
17:50-18:30Shukur 17:50-18:30Wojtkowski

Tuesday, 24.11.2015

09:00-09:40Baake 09:00-09:40Rudnicki
10:00-10:40Drmota 10:00-10:40Huczek
10:40-11:10coffee break
11:10-11:50Frantzikinakis 11:10-11:50Serafin
15:00-15:40Ferenczi 15:00-15:40Biś (cancelled)
15:50-16:30Avdeeva 15:50-16:30Azevedo
16:30-17:00coffee break
17:00-17:40Schindler 17:00-17:40Todorov
17:50-18:30Palmisano 17:50-18:30Vytnova

Wednesday, 25.11.2015

09:00-09:40Aaronson 09:00-09:50Randecker
10:00-10:40Conze 10:00-10:50Artigiani
10:50-11:20coffee break
11:20-12:00Qiu 11:20-12:10Ralston

Thursday, 26.11.2015

09:00-09:40Danilenko 09:00-09:50Flaminio
10:50-11:20coffee break
11:20-12:00Schmidt 11:20-12:10Marchese
16:30-17:00coffee break
17:00-17:40Emme 17:00-17:40Mance

Friday, 27.11.2015

10:50-11:10coffee break
11:10-11:50Silva 11:10-12:00Málaga Sabogal

Talk titles

Aaronson Distributional limits of positive, ergodic stationary processes & infinite ergodic transformations
Artigiani Exceptional ergodic directions in Eaton lenses
Avdeeva $\mathcal{B}$-free integers in short intervals: statistical properties
Azevedo Statistical properties of diffeomorfisms with weak invariant manifolds
Baake Dynamical systems of number-theoretic origin in the theory of aperiodic order
Berk Disjointess of translation flows with their inverses
Biś Margulis-Ruelle inequality for nonautonomous dynamical systems
Bremont Planar random walk in a stratified environment
Conze $\mathbb{Z}^d$ random walks by algebraic automorphisms on a compact abelian group and quenched CLT
Danilenko Directional recurrence and directional rigidity for infinite measure preserving actions of nilpotent lattices
Downarowicz Symbolic extension with a Borel embedding
Drmota Special Automatic Sequences and the Sarnak Conjecture
Emme Thermodynamics formalism and k-bonacci substitutions
Fel'shtyn Dynamical zeta functions and topological entropy for maps of infra-nilmanifolds and infra-solvmanifolds of type $R$
Ferenczi Interval exchanges satisfying Veech and Sarnak
Flaminio Time-one horocycle maps: renormalization without renormalization
Frantzikinakis Multiple correlation sequences and applications
Glasner Affinely prime dynamical systems
Gutman Optimal embedding of minimal systems into shifts on Hilbert cubes
Hooper Rel leaves of the Arnoux-Yoccoz surfaces
Huczek Faces of simplices of invariant measures for actions of amenable groups
Karpel Subdiagrams of Bratteli diagrams supporting ergodic invariant measures
Kochergin New examples of Besicovitch cylindrical transformations
Kosloff Relative complexity of random walks in random sceneries in the absence of a weak invariance principle for local times
Kwiatkowski New results on invariant measures on Bratteli diagrams
Lelievre TBA
Málaga Sabogal Generic mixing in flat billiards
Mance The Hausdorff dimension of sets of numbers defined by their $Q$-Cantor series expansions
Marchese The Lagrange Spectrum of some square-tiled surfaces
Moriakov Entropy and Kolmogorov Complexity
Palmisano Ergodic properties of bimodal circle maps
Pollicott Closed geodesics on amenable covers
Qiu Determinantal point processes with Whittaker correlation kernels
Ralston Infinite translation surfaces via ``cuts''
Randecker Wild singularities of translation surfaces
Roy A Poisson analogue to the Foias-Stratila Theorem
Rudnicki Asymptotic decomposition of substochastic operators and semigroups
Sarig Temporal distributional limit theorems for dynamical systems
Schindler Almost sure convergence for intermediately trimmed Birkhoff sums
Schmidt Permutations of $\mathbb{Z}^d$ with restricted movement
Schmoll Flat geometry of families of cyclic covers
Serafin Universal systems for entropy intervals
Shukur The behavior of resolvent and Ergodic theorems
Silva Weak Rational Ergodicity Does Not Imply Rational Ergodicity
Tiedra Spectral properties of horocycle flows for surfaces of negative curvature
Tikhonov Mixing actions of abelian groups
Todorov Stochastic shadowing and stochastic stability
Troubetzkoy Dynamical properties of generic wind-tree models
Vinogradov Directions in hyperbolic and Euclidean lattices
Vytnova Linear Response and Periodic Orbits
Weiss On some open problems in classical ergodic theory
Wojtkowski Integrability of homogeneous dynamics via reversibility


Abstracts are available here